Image Viewer, 3pic ViewR, Finally Launched

3pic ViewR is a manga and comic reader with sufficient features to use as a basic image viewer too. It has a simple interface but sports a large variety of features. With 4 viewing modes, custom colour backgrounds, extra transparency layer, perfect alpha-channel rendering, freeform image rotation, zooming, per-image setting while browsing, bookmarks, extra privacy and a host of other features, 3pic ViewR is a good freeware image viewer for anyone looking for something light and compact with sufficient features to satisfy the average user. More…

About Round Phoenix

Round Phoenix is a software and media creator similar to a certain company from Japan whose second name rhymes and first name also happens to be a primitive shape. Round Phoenix was founded by JJ "nonzyro" McMaster for the MS Windows platform as a brand name under which a J-RPG (Japanese-style Role-Playing Game) was being being developed. A few random pieces of software were released under the brand first while the developer was testing the capabilities of the software development tools and learning the language (Dark Basic Professional). From nonzyro: "Sadly, due to the limitations of the development tools and the desire to make the game multi-platform, the original project was placed on hold. Then, even more sadly, due to a systems crash, the game's encrypted archive was rendered inaccessible. Lots of work has been focused on retrieving the data since then (2012). In the meantime I've begun focusing on other areas of interest such as writing and related artistic fields. Currently, a book which I completed in 2009 and spent too many years editing is set to be published, or at least be publication-ready, by the end of 2016. I also intend to complete a Java SE programming course by then, having become passionate about Java's cross-platform capabilities and ease of deployment."
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