Penisman Version 3.0

Pebnisman is a 2D shooter and RPG-hybrid that borderlines on “bullet-hell”. Although it began as nothing more than a joke, it soon blossomed into a retro-style shooter with many common arcade elements. It remains comedic throughout, often parodying well-known games and overly used gameplay and plot devices while presenting the player with a fair challenge More…

Though the last version of Pman claimed to be the final, I decided to give the game a quick overhaul because I noticed a number of now-redundant images in its folders. I also wanted to repackage it. In the end though, I ended up giving the game quite an overhaul that included integrating the setup utility with the game.

Latest Changes in Version 3.0

  • Integrated the Setup Utility into game (now appears as the main menu option, “Config”)
  • Removed excess dlls and images from older versions
  • Increased compatibility
  • Removed all non-DirectX dependencies (incl. Setup)
  • Fixed setup utility
  • Installer version better compressed and installer is more stable
  • Updated documentation

Changes in v2.1

  • Awesome new installer that adds an uninstall option to Windows Control Panel (Add/Remove Programs for XP, Programs and Features for Vista and 7).
  • A tiny bug I didn’t even notice until recently has been corrected. The game now displays max HP/SP at level ups instead of current HP/SP.
  • Should run on x86 and x64 versions of Windows.

Changes v2.0

  • Penisman can now be installed to any directory (will cause install error messages, just ignore).
  • The setup utility is now in the same folder as the game (easier, simpler).
  • Faster GUI for the setup utility since most graphics are rendered internally.
  • Auto-detection of available resolutions added to setup.
  • Dead-zone calibration for analogue joysticks has been added.
  • Better, smoother, more responsive button/key assignments for Input Setup.
  • Better support for gaming devices has been added.
  • Better display support including support for app switching (alt+tab)
  • Smoother input during profile creation.
  • In-game GUI bugs fixed (freezing until key pressed, skipping screens).
  • Firing error at next level start fixed (properly this time).
  • Defaults to normal windowed mode on error to prevent crashes.
  • Large portion of the code was re-coded for better performance.
  • Exiting via “Quit” option in main menu has been sped up.

About Round Phoenix

Round Phoenix is a software and media creator similar to a certain company from Japan whose second name rhymes and first name also happens to be a primitive shape. Round Phoenix was founded by JJ "nonzyro" McMaster for the MS Windows platform as a brand name under which a J-RPG (Japanese-style Role-Playing Game) was being being developed. A few random pieces of software were released under the brand first while the developer was testing the capabilities of the software development tools and learning the language (Dark Basic Professional). From nonzyro: "Sadly, due to the limitations of the development tools and the desire to make the game multi-platform, the original project was placed on hold. Then, even more sadly, due to a systems crash, the game's encrypted archive was rendered inaccessible. Lots of work has been focused on retrieving the data since then (2012). In the meantime I've begun focusing on other areas of interest such as writing and related artistic fields. Currently, a book which I completed in 2009 and spent too many years editing is set to be published, or at least be publication-ready, by the end of 2016. I also intend to complete a Java SE programming course by then, having become passionate about Java's cross-platform capabilities and ease of deployment."
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