Hi, my name is Jason McMaster and I’m a small-time coder. I’ve been working with computers since I was about 10 and programming since about 11. Aside from playing with computers and electronics, my hobbies include writing (anything and everything), drawing and general creative things. I spend a lot of my free time listening to music, watching animated stuff, reading comics/manga and I never turn down a good book. The genres that I’m most into are Fantasy, Japanese Horror, Comedy and Science Fiction. These are also the main influences so far as the games I’ve written-but-never-completed and the novels I’ve written-but-never-published.

Round Phoenix

I never intended to start the Round Phoenix brand until after completing my first real game but once I had completed my first project – which was purely an experiment to familiarise myself with a language – I decided I may as well put it out there.
Round Phoenix is essentially about freeware. That’s not to say I wouldn’t welcome donations and I wouldn’t create premium content at some stage but the majority of the software under the Round Phoenix brand will be free to use.

My Achievements

As far as achievements go, I’ve only ever won a single coding contest, the 1st Anniversary Coding Competition, with my entry, “City of Destruction”, but since this was the first and only coding contest I ever entered, I like to think of myself having a 100% success ratio.


You can contact me by email via the Round Phoenix public mail address: public.roundphoenix@gmail.com