The following is a list of Round Phoenix applications

Categories: security, password management
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Interface: GUI and CLI versions
Features: variable password length , auto “copy to clipboard”, skinnable, lightweight CLI version.
Summary: Secure-Wordz uses a unique form of password management that does not require you to ever store any files on hard drive. Secure-Wordz generates passwords of up to 50 or more characters using two simple three or more letter words. More…

3pic ViewR
Categories: image viewer, comic reader, manga reader
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Interface: GUI
Features: excellent privacy with SOS mode, multiple modes (Comic/Manga Reader, normal, fit-screen), easy keyboard navigation, bookmarks
Summary: Originally designed for personal use, 3pic ViewR has received a number of tweaks to give it the capabilities of a basic image viewer though it’s primary purpose is as a manga viewer. More…