3pic ViewR

Please note that 3pic ViewR is undergoing some changes and that Round Phoenix will now be storing applications on Google Drive. Due to this, 3pic ViewR will not be available until a newer version is released as uploading the older version would be redundant. I appologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.


Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
image viewer, comic reader, manga reader
Interface: GUI
Features Overview: multiple viewing modes, hotkeys, easy GUI, privacy protection with SOS mode, basic shell commands.
Size: 4.1MB

Button_Download ver 1.1

Full Feature List:

  • Multiple view modes: Fit-Screen, Comic Reader, Manga Reader, Centered.
  • Customizable background colour.
  • Image transformations such as zooming, rotation and flipping.
  • Keep image setting while browsing folders.
  • Preload large folders.
  • Easy to use GUI with simple menus.
  • Full range of hotkeys for all basic tasks.
  • Basic shell commands like Edit, Rename and Delete.
  • SOS-mode to protect your privacy in emergencies without disrupting your session.
  • Bookmarks allow you to bookmark images when reading.
  • Low disk-consumption. Installation uses just under 15MB.
  • Comprehensive user-manual.


Menu and Filename pops up by hovering mouse or pressing Alt

You can even use the Windows® colour choosing tool if you are not familiar with using RGB values.

The viewer’s background colour is fully customizable!

Current Update: Version 1.0, no updates yet.
Comment: Your feedback is valuable, please take the time to comment on 3pic ViewR after trying it (If you have any technical issues, please post them on the Tech Support page).


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