Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
password generator, password manager (of a different sort)
Interface: GUI
Features Overview: variable password length , auto “copy to clipboard”, lightweight CLI version coming in next release.
Size: 1.37MB (installer)  1.48MB (zip)

Button_Download ver 3.0 installer (or get the .zip archive here)

Full Feature List:

  • Generates lengthy passwords from two simple keywords. Two three-letter words letters can give you a 50 character password.
  • Copy to Clipboard – Copies current password to clipboard for instant pasting into login fields.
  • Auto-Clipboard – Will automatically copy passwords to clipboard upon generation.
  • Added full skinning support.
  • 5 skins in included.
  • Full keyboard support.


Secure-Wordz V2.0 with BlueSteel skin

Current Update: No updates. The newest version replaces the old. Your passwords are not affected.
Comment: Your feedback is valuable, please take the time to comment on 3pic ViewR after trying it (If you have any technical issues, please post them on the Tech Support page).


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