Donations Are Always Appreciated

A small donation can make a big difference to a developer, not because it pays the rent (although sometimes this is the case), but merely because it shows the developer that somebody appreciates their work. I am very thankful to those who have contributed already.  There are multiple ways that you can donate to Round Phoenix.

Direct EFT / Bank Deposit – Round Phoenix won’t be accepting financial donations at this time. The Round Phoenix banking details are no longer valid. If you intended on donating cash, I appreciate the gesture and appologise that this option is no longer available. It may become available again in the future.

Software Donations – Software development tools, image editing tools, 3D modelling tools, music, graphics and other assets. Please email Round Phoenix beforehand about software donations to ensure that registration is completed correctly.

Your Time – If you have any skills and you’d like to lend a helping hand (or hoof) with any projects, that’s great too. Email Round Phoenix a demo of your work and I’ll see if there’s a position for you. 2D artists capable of drawing animation sets are especially sought after.

More Important Than Donations

I cannot stress enough how important user-feedback is. I would rather have a user’s appreciation than his or her money to be perfectly honest. Aside from the fact that getting a positive email or comment is the most rewarding feeling ever, constructive feedback helps improve the software and betters the user’s experience. Above all, feedback encourages future development. You can leave a comment by clicking the comment button at the bottom of a product’s page.