Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Gameplay: 2D shooter, top-down shooter, bullet hell
Genre(s): comedy, parody, fantasy, sci-fi, linear
Style: cartoon, pixel-art, 3D CGI
Players: 1
Age Rating: 16 – 18 LN
Latest Release: v3.0
Size: 85 MB
Summary: Earth is under attack and only Penisman – a mutant shunned by everybody – can save the day so he builds himself a rocket pack and sets off on a quest to save Earth and track down and destroy the enemy.
Travel across a variety of environments while fighting an array of badguys and bosses as you level-up and gain new weapons to add to your arsenal.

Button_Download ver 3.0 installer


Current Update: n/a. Ver2.1 contains all patches, upgrades and bug-fixes already. If you have an older version, it is recommended that you download this version and make a fresh install.
Comment: Your feedback is valuable, please take the time to comment on Penisman after trying it (If you have any technical issues, please post them on the Tech Support page).


2 Responses to Penisman

  1. onegaiblog says:

    Great game, really fun. Even if it was a little, how should I say this… silly… I still play it quite a bit XD

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