City Of Destruction

In 2011 I entered a coding contest in which I had create “an epic scene of destruction” using only native DBPro or AGK commands and without any external media. That meant no external plugins or expansions, no models, no images and, obviously, no textures for models. Images embedded using DATA statements were also prohibited. In other words, entrants had to rely on built-in drawing commands and 3D primitives to create their scene. So I went about the task of trying to figure out how to use randomization to draw textures as realistically as possible and how to construct things with only primitives at my disposal. And thus my world was born. I originally intended to just have rain but fell victim to the challenge of creating “weather conditions” when I realised I’d have sufficient time to still meet the deadline. Well, through lots of trial and error – especially the randomised texture generation and raindrop timing – I completed my competition entry.

Button_Download (by downloading you agree to the licence below)

How to use it: Press F1 for help at any time (except while “loading”). Use the left and right arrow keys to cycle scenes or the number keys (1 – 6) to jump straight to a scene. Use Escape to exit. The program was just for showcasing so it is NOT compatible with ALT+TAB application switching.

Screen Shots:

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*Terms of Use

The term “Software” refers to the software, source code and all components of it.

1. This software is the exclusive intellectual property of Jason McMaster. All rights are reserved.

2. You may download this software to view. You may not redistribute this software in any manner or make any form of public performance (including electronic transmission) without the author’s permission.

3. You may not make false claim to be the author of this software or take false credit for any part in its creation process.

4. You may directly link to this software only if a fully visible credit to the author is placed directly above the link and you adhere to term 3.

5. You may not obtain or use the source-code without prior permission from the author.

6. There author provides this software as-is, without any warranty.

7. The author accepts no liability for loss or damages resulting from use of this software.

8. You may distribute images created by this software provided the author is clearly credited for the images (or portions thereof).

9. These terms are subject to change without prior notification.

Should you wish to distribute this software, show it publicly or obtain and use the source code you can request permission by emailing me on I’m not a stuck-up @$$-hole and will likely grant your request without asking for any remuneration so long as you agree to some basic ethical terms. These “terms of use” are to protect both you and me.

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